Hatshepsut was one of the few females to rule, believed to be either the second or seventh female to rule. Most females rule temporarily as regent, or really as a placeholder until their son can take their place. 

Hatshepsut preferred to gain wealth through trade rather than war. She was actually the one to find the Land of Punt. However, she did lead successful wars against Nubia, Levant, Syria. 

Hatshepsut was one of the most well known builders, as she commissioned hundreds of building projects. 

She is considered to be one of the most successful female Pharaohs that we know of. 

Her reign was not well-liked by all, however. Her successor, Tuthmose lll was the one she was originally regent for, and she was considered to have continued her reign, ignoring that he was old enough for the throne. He tried to destroy all records of her being Pharaoh once he took the throne, but only managed to get rid of the most visible records.  

Amenhotep lV

Amenhotep lV renamed himself Akhenaten. 

He is well known for his new religion, one of the first monotheistic religions, Atenism, which surrounded part of Ra, or the sun god.

His policies regarding the other Gods and Goddesses, was very tolerant until late in his reign, where he attempted to destroy all references to the other Gods and Goddesses.

During Akhenaten's rule, art was to be told to be more realistic. Because of this, physical abnormalities have been recorded, and it is believed Akhenaten had a genetic condition. 

He is often considered the first monotheist, scientist, and romantic. 


Son of Amenhotep lV, Tutankamen was originally named Tutankhaten. While Tutankhamen is the most well known Pharaoh, he actually did little significant during his ten-year reign, and it is believed most anything he did was heavily influenced by his advisers, being all of nine when he entered his reign. 

The only reason Tutankhamen is so well known, is because his tomb was hidden by the builders of another tomb, and  therefore, was barely touched. 


Cleopatra is the most well known female Pharaoh, and the last Pharaoh actually capable of ruling. (her infant son was named co-Pharaoh.) 

Cleopatra is known to have been pretty, along with extremely cunning.

There have been stories of her hiding in a rug to see her lover, and of course, there's the story of her and her last lover, Mark Antony's, suicides.

Egypt's downfall was during her reign, and when this happened, her lover killed himself with a sword, and she killed herself with an Asp, a poisonous snake.