The religion in Ancient Egypt was believed across the country. The religion was polytheistic, meaning they believed in multiple Gods and Goddesses. Throughout the three thousand years Ancient Egypt existed, the religion shifted focus multiple times.

There were temples devoted to the Gods and Goddesses, and it was believed the Gods and Goddesses lived in these temples. Therefore, only two types of people could enter the temples. The Priests, who would serve the Gods and Goddesses through their statues. The other one who could visit was the Pharoah, who was considered a direct relative of the Gods and Goddesses.

Ancient Egyptians believed the humans had four spiritual parts.

These were:
  • Thešwt, or shadow.
  • The Ba, or soul.
  • The Ka, or life force.
  • The name. 
The Goal of the Ancient Egyptians was to reunite the Ka and Ba, and navigate the underworld so they could go to their "heaven."