Egypt was considered a great country to invade, and was invaded at least three times we have records of. The Persians invaded them twice, and the Romans, once.


The Persians invaded first in 525BC. The Egyptians tried several times to overthrow them, but couldn't permanently win back their country.


The Persians handed the country over to Alexander the Great. He was welcomed by the Ancient Egyptians. The Greeks merged their culture in with the Egyptian culture, and even some of their deities.


The Romans are the ones we all knew. Well, the Greeks couldn't keep a handle on Egypt, and the Romans had to send their troops to help.

Only a few traditions of Egypt continued after the country was handed off to the Romans.

The Religious Invasion

In about, 50AD, the Christians arrived in Egypt, and at first was considered a cult that could be accepted.

Then, they tried to overthrow the main religion, and all of the break-off religions.

By 391AD, the Christians had won out. Temples were destroyed, closed, or converted to churches. Practicing the traditional religion was illegal, and those who did practice gave it up, or moved out into the desert.

With the inability to practice the religion, the art of hieroglyphics, reading and writing them, was lost.